Tube Fittings

Temperatures and Storage

Operating temperature depending on the fitting material


- Steel: (DIN 3859-1): -40°C to +120°C

- Stainless steel: (DIN 3859-1): -60°C to 100°C

(The nominal pressures PN apply for a temperature range from -20° to +120°C.
Higher temperatures and mechanical stress result in reduced pressures).


- NBR: -25°C to +100°C

- FPM: -15°C to +200°C

- PTFE: -100°C to +250°C

When different materials for the fittings and the seals are combined the highest of the respective lowest temperatures and the lowest of the respective highest temperature applies.

Ambient temperature:

With seal material NBR -35°C

With seal material FPM -25°C


Storage of fittings with elastomeric seals must be done in accordance with DIN 7716.

The fittings with elastomeric seals must be stored in a cool and dry location, free from dust.
The tube fittings with seals made of elastomeric seals must be protected from direct light, bright artificial lighting (UV-radiation) and ozone.

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