Safety Notice

The respective installation guidelines and operation conditions must be kept to! The design and installation of a tube system must be done by qualified personnel!

Any combination of elements (cutting rings, fittings Tubes etc.) made of different materials (steel, stainless steel etc.) is not permitted!
The nominal pressure of a combination of fittings is defined by the fitting with the lowest pressure rating.
The information is based on the fact that the respective installation guidelines and operation conditions are kept to.
Stud connectors must be installed with the correct torque. The ports for must be made in accordance with our
Product Catalog .
The tube system must be installed in a manner that prevents that no additional stress such as vibrations affect the fittings.
Pay attention to the tube weight and according media and the thermal expansion!

A safe and reliable connection with fittings requires a proper installation and numerous factors to be taken into account. A few of the factors that need to be observed are listed here. A few of the factors that need to be observed are listed here.

  • Have all pressures and temperatures in all operating states been considered?
  • Do all materials and tolerances comply with the applicable standards and regulations?
  • Are all vibrations compensated? Are all parts of the system with different vibration dynamics disconnected from each other with hoses?
  • Were the velocities of the flow taken into account?
  • Were all safety guidelines and applicable regulations observed?
  • Was the thermal expansion of the tubes taken into account?
  • Are all tubes bent according to the permissible bending radius?
  • Are all tubes installed without any tension?
  • Was the weight of the tubes and the weight of the fluid inside taken into account?

In case of questions about the usage of our products our experts are happy to be at your service.

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